Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

The wonderful world of keyboard shortcuts is now at your fingertips—literally! The list below provides keyboard shortcuts which are the most handy for everyday computer use. These basic shortcuts are easy to use and will drastically speed up how you move around your computer. The shortcut keys below are based on PC keys, so if you are a Mac user, you will need to press “Command” when it states “Ctrl.” There are two exceptions, which are marked in the table.

Quick Look
New Browser/Document
Depending on which program you’re in, this will open a new browser or a new document.
New Tab
This will open a new tab in the browser you’re currently in. Very handy.  
Ctrl+Tab (Ctrl+Tab)
Switch Tabs
While opened in a browser, this allows you to toggle between opened tabs, in the right-ward direction. This helps with multi-tasking and speed in general. (Reverse direction: Shift+Ctrl+Tab)
Alt+Tab (Com+Tab)
Switch b/w programs
This is my most-used keyboard shortcut. This allows you to do fast switches between the currently viewed program and other programs you have recently opened. If you hold down the Alt key and press Tab, you can see a list of all the currently opened programs that you can tab over to. (Reverse: Shift+Alt+Tab; Mac: Shift+Com+Tab)                 
Find Bar
This pulls up the find bar in whatever program you’re in. This allows you to search for any word/phrase in the program and jump directly to it.
Print Page
This will print whichever page is open in your browser (also the command for Microsoft Office). Keep in mind it will print all the page details, including ads or the small print at the bottom.
Save Page
This saves whichever page you are on, in a browser or Microsoft Office.
Select, spacebar
Quick Preview
When looking at files in Finder or File Explorer, select the images you want to see and simply press the spacebar. This will open the files in the easiest preview possible.
This will copy any text you’ve highlighted.
This will past any text you’ve copied into the place you click in.