Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making Gifs using Website Applications

Let's Make Gifs: Using Websites

Following up the last post, I figured I would show how to make gifs online without the help of any fancy software.  The website I'm using is the same one I mentioned in my previous post, Make A Gif.

As you can see, the website is fairly straight forward, just click to add pictures, or even make a gif from a YouTube video or webcam pictures.  For now, I'm just going to click add pictures.

For comparison's sake, I'm going to use the same series I used in the previous post.

Once you have your photos uploaded, you can arrange them in the order you like.  For things like my tiny drawings, you can't really tell the differences between the frames, which could be problematic in some cases.

Now you can choose animation speed, size, category, etc.  There are two things that stand out in this window.  First off, there's not much you can do as far as customizing speed--you can set the delay, but you can't set different delays for each frame to add impact.  Further, the only way to make your images smaller is to crop them, so you had best have them at the size you want to make your gif BEFORE you upload them here.  The other big thing is that by creating a gif on this website, you automatically upload it onto the website for everyone to see.   While this isn't really a big deal, for those who want more privacy in their internet life, this concept might be a little troublesome.  

Once you click "create your gif," the website creates it for you, and BAM, you have a gif.

Let's Compare:

The gif from Make A Gif is on the left and the Photoshop gif is on the right.


Here the speed is notably different, and so is the background color.  This is because the original files have a transparent background.  Photoshop can keep this mostly intact, but Make A Gif cannot.  Try clicking on the gifs and dragging them to the right to see the difference.

However, otherwise the quality isn't too different.  So if you don't have fancy CS6, and don't mind having your gif uploaded on some random website, you don't have anything to lose! 

For other sites that allow you to make gifs, try: