Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Report those Phishing Emails!


Ever get sick of getting sketchy emails? *Note: we will NEVER ask you to change your password via email* Help us stop them in the future!

Click on the email and then on the triangle pointing downwards to the right of the date received. Click “Show Original”

A new tab will open up with information of the path the email took to get from the sender to you. Copy that (+A and +C on Macs or Ctrl A + Ctrl C on PCs to select all and copy)


Go back to the message, paste the information at the top (+V on Macs or Ctrl+V) and forward it to

Why can’t we just forward the email on?

If the Phishy folks clicked the email forwarded on and got the original information, it would only have the information of how the email you forwarded on got to phishy and not how you got it in the first place. They need the original information of how you got the email to block spam in the future.

For information on how to identify phishing emails: