Saturday, October 5, 2013

How To Search by Image: by Callan Carow

Google has a special feature you may not have noticed—it’s “Search by Image,” which allows you to search the web using an image (whether it’s from your own computer or something you found online), rather than your typical word or phrase. And it’s super easy to use! Here are the four ways to search by image:

1. Drag and drop

When you’ve found an image you want to search, just click and drag it from it’s location on your computer, or from where you found it on the web, to the search bar at

2. Upload it from your computer

If you already have an image saved on your computer, you can easily upload it. Go to, and click the camera icon in the search bar. Then select “upload an image.” Simply select your image, wait for it to load, and begin your search.

3. Copy and paste the URL

If you find an image on the web that you want to search, simply right-click it and select “Copy Image URL.”

Then go to, click the camera icon in the search bar, and select “Paste Image URL.”

4. Download the extension for Chrome or Firefox

For super fast image searching, download the Chrome extension or the Firefox extension (both are free and quick to download):

 Once it is installed, you can right-click any image on the web and select “Search Google with this image” next to the camera icon.

Lastly, a couple of things to remember:
  • More general images will bring up better results when you search them on the web. For example, you will probably get better results if you search a photo of a famous landmark than if you search something personal like an original art piece.
  • Any images that you search (including those you upload from your computer) will be stored by Google. Google’s website says stored images are used “solely to provide and improve our products and services,” but if you’re worried about privacy, be careful what you search.