Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Students


Chrome "extensions" are small pieces of software that can be installed in conjunction with your chrome browser to enhance your experience on the internet.  There are many extensions on the Chrome web store which can be accessed here, and they all promise an improved browsing experience of some sort. Here are a few that we at WCTS picked based on productivity and some just for fun. Be careful not to add too many to your browser however, because they will use up too much memory and slow down your computer, hence defeating the purpose of having an extension.


This is a great extension for managing email attachments and cloud storage. You can choose to save files you receive as email attachments in one convenient location. You can link this with your normal cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Sky Drive, and file sharing becomes easier than having to dig around your emails for that attached file.

Ad block

If you’re tired of having to sit through countless commercials every day, then adblock is what you need. This extension blocks ads on websites so you can watch online tv, stream YouTube video and listen to music on Pandora ad-free. You have the option to pause it on a specific website, or to enforce ad blocking on a certain domain.

Chrome Remote Desktop

With this extension, you can share screens with anyone who has the extension over the internet. It’s very useful if you want to help someone figure out a problem that they themselves cannot. With it, you take over the other computer and apply the fix yourself. You will share an encryption key with the other user, but as with all online services, be cautious to only allow access to people you trust.

One Tab

Do you often have multiple tabs open in your browser and get lost the myriad of pages? Then OneTab is the extension for you. The app minimizes all your open tabs into a list on one tab for convenience. Instead of clicking through all the tabs to find the one you’re looking for, it’s easier to read the link to the page you have open. The developers claim that it can save up to 95% of the memory used by your open tabs, so for faster and efficient browsing, try OneTab.

Kindle Cloud Reader

This extension allows you to read all your Kindle books from anywhere. The extension is compatible with any device that runs Google Chrome, so you don’t have to be restricted to using only your Kindle for your books.

Wolfram Alpha

This extension is a computational engine for anything and everything. It allows you to access the Wolframalpha website with the click of a button. This extension enables you to query wolfram alpha in the google search bar as well as query any highlightable text on the internet such as "16th President of the US" and it will provide a response.  You can even check on the facebook data you have uploaded by querying "facebook report" and logging in.

Task Timer
When you have lots of assignments, work, friends and class readings to keep up with, a task timer is very important for getting everything done in time. This extension helps keep you on track with the busy Whitman lifestyle. With it you can time your tasks to keep track of how long it takes you to finish. You can also monitor how much time you spend on other websites and keep it at a healthy amount (i.e. not too much surfing the web)