Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Five iOS Games

Top Five iOS Games

Infinity Blade II ($6.99)

While the relatively steep price tag may scare away more casual gamers, Infinity Blade II is arguably the best game available to iOS gamers. Your character is lost in a mysterious world of monsters and demons, and you have no choice but to hack and slash your way through it. The story is surprisingly deep, as you learn more about your quest and the protagonist along the way. The graphics are top-notch and the gameplay is simple to pick up but difficult to master. If you’re going to buy any game for iOS, this is a fantastic choice.

Tiny Wings ($0.99)

A classic, cheap game with a simple premise and colorful graphics, Tiny Wings hits all the right notes. As a tiny flightless bird, use the rolling hills of this world to your benefit to build up speed and launch yourself across the landscape. Race against your brothers and sisters to be the first to cross the finish line and receive huge bonuses. This is a fun game well worth the low price-tag.

 Bad Piggies ($0.99)

As good as the Angry Birds series is, arguably the best game by their developer Rovio doesn’t have a feather in sight. Bad Piggies is all about the pigs from Angry Birds attempting to get their hands on as many eggs as possible. The object of the game is building vehicles capable of getting the pigs to their goal. While the game is silly to a fault, it takes a lot of creativity to build the perfect machine to get all the stars in each level. This game will have you laughing at one moment and scratching your head in the next.

Groove Coaster ($2.99)

The repeated theme I get when reading reviews of Groove Coaster is “you just gotta play it”. The idea is simple; select a song and tap along to it at indicated points ala Guitar Hero. But Groove Coaster goes much further than that, taking you on a ride through a surreal landscape with twists and turns aplenty. The songs are great but the visuals are what makes this a great game.

Kingdom Rush ($0.99)

If you play a lot of games, you know that tower-defense is a staple in the flash-game arsenal. However, Kingdom Rush gives the genre a breath of fresh air with this cartoon-y, fast-paced approach. Although there are gaps in the gameplay for you to build new towers to face the incoming hordes, success in Kingdom Rush requires you to be active throughout, upgrading your soldiers and altering their attack patterns. Very addictive.