Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Manual Device Registration


Whitman Wireless and Whitman Secure are wireless networks that are extensions of the Whitman network.  You must enter your Whitman user name and password to use them, ensuring their security.  However, you can manually register your wireless device with WCTS on a more permanent basis. This is a quick and easy process that will allow you to bypass the entry of your credentials, saving you time and frustration.  Any device that connects to a wireless network can and should be manually registered, such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, and gaming systems (Xbox, PlayStation). To request manual device registration, please visit the following web site:  https://whitreg.whitman.edu/cgi-bin/manual_device.cgi 

How to Manually Register a PC:

1)    Click on the link above or manually search device registration on the Whitman web page. A screen such as the one below should appear. Login using your Whitman username and password.

2)    Fill in section one of the Device Registration form that appears on the following page.

  • Contact name: should already be filled based on the directory information associated with your login account. The rest of the form will be blank.
  • Description: provide a description of the device being registered (laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc. and the make and model).
  • Computer location: select the option most applicable in the drop down menu (the location where the device will most often by used).
  • Room/Office: Fill in the Room/Office box if applicable and use the phone number best to reach you at for the campus phone.
  • Primary association: select the one that best describes you.
  • Device Type: Input the type of the device from the drop down menu and select how it will most often connect to the Whitman Network.
  • Network Hardware Address: The final step before submitting the form is to input your device’s Network Hardware Address. The method for finding this address is slightly different for PCs, Apple Products, and other Wireless devices. Note that the Hardware Address can also be called the Physical Address or the MAC Address.  The following is a description of how to find your hardware address on different devices.

Finding your Hardware Address on a PC:

1)    Open the Start Menu and select the control panel

2)    Select View Network Status and Tasks under the Network and Internet Heading

3)    Under the View Your Active Networks heading, select the blue print to the right of where it says Connections:

4)    Select Details and copy down the physical address. This is your Hardware Network Address.

Finding your Hardware Address on a Mac:

1)    Click on the Apple menu and then System Preferences.

2)    Select Network.

3)    Select the Airport or the Built-in Ethernet tab, depending on how you access the network, and then select advanced.

4)    Select Hardware

5)    Find the MAC Address. This is your Hardware Network Address.

Finding your Hardware Address on Windows 8:

1) Select Search at the top of the side bar

2)    In the search bar, type Command Prompt and select the Command Prompt from the search results.

3)    Type in getmac/v and press enter

4)    Find the Hardware Address, usually beginning with 00. This is your Network Hardware Address.

Finding your Network Hardware Address on Other Devices

Finding your Hardware Address on an iPad/iPhone:
1)    In the main window, select Settings
2)    Select General and then About
3)    Scroll down to the Wi-Fi Address. This is your Hardware Network Address.

Finding your Hardware Address on an Android Device
1)    Select the Menu key and then go to SettingsWireless & NetworksWi-Fi settings, then Advanced Settings
2)    Find the MAC Address. This is your Hardware Network Address.

Finding your Hardware Address on a Playstation 3:
1)    Select Settings
2)    Go to Network SettingsSettings, then Connection Status List
3)    Find the MAC Address. This is your Hardware Network Address

Finding your Hardware Address on an Xbox 360:
1)    Access Main Menu
2)    Select Systems
3)    Go to Network SettingsEdit SettingsBasic SettingsAdditional Settings, then Advanced Settings.
4)    Find the box in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This is your Hardware Network Address.