Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Print on a Campus Printer from YOUR Computer


On Whitman's campus, the primary way to print black and white documents for classes and personal use is to use one of the printers located in the computer labs around campus.  To do so, you must inevitably use GoPrint which may be accessed from any on-campus computer.  What many students do not realize is that they may
 also connect to a GoPrint printer from their own personal computer.  The following is an in depth guide on how to add a campus printer to your computer.

GoPrint, an overview

GoPrint is a centralized printer management system used by Whitman College to cater to the printing needs of the student body and faculty. You can access GoPrint from any computer connected to the Whitman network ( Whitman_wireless and Whitman_secure only). 
 To print from personal computer, you will need to first go through our GoPrint Printer Setup Instructions. Each semester students are given $50 of free printing. One page of black and white printing is charged at 5 cents per page for single-sided printing and 4.5 cents per side for double sided duplex printing. Color printing is 50 cents per page/side. Seniors producing a thesis may request an additional $15 on their account free-of-charge by emailing goprint@whitman.edu and indicating their major and thesis advisor. If the $50 dollars worth of printing credit is used before the semester you must request additional printing credit. To check current usage of your personal credit, check your GoPrint Dashboard. During finals (December and May) black and white printing is provided free-of-charge. If your print job is lost due to a technical problem with the printer you can go to the GoPrint Dashboard  to request printing credits refunded in your account.

How to add printers on Mac OS X

1) Open System Preferences
2) Open Print & ScanCheck that the lock icon in the lower left corner is open. If it is closed, click the lock to open, you will have to enter your password (if you have one)

3) Click the small plus sign [+] above the lock to add a printer and Click on IP which is located at the top of the newly opened window

4) Enter following settings into the above window:

Protocol: set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD
Address: enter goprint.whitman.edu
Queue: enter the printer name (e.g. Library_2nd_2). A list of available printers can be found at https://goprint.whitman.edu:7773.Enter your Whitman username and password to log in.
Name: delete 'goprint.whitman.edu' and instead enter the name of the printer (e.g. Maxey Lab Printer)
Location: you may enter the location of the printer (e.g. Maxey Computer Lab)
Print Using: choose Select Printer Software..., then select the appropriate driver. (e.g. HP LaserJet P4010). The appropriate model number can be found at the list of available printers athttps://goprint.whitman.edu:7773.
Note: All of the printers (except color printers) in the General Computer Labs (Olin, Science, & Maxey) and the Library use the HP Laserjet P4010 driver.  If you cannot find the driver, you can leave it set to Generic PostScript Printer, but you will not be able to print two-sided (duplex).

This is an example of what your window might look like:

5) Click Add.  On the Installable Options page, set Tray 3 to 500-Sheet Input Tray and check the box for Duplex Unit

6) Click OK and the printer should be installed onto your computer and ready to print. You should be able to find it in your computer's list of printers which might look like the following:

Install the GoPrint desktop client (optional)

Everytime you print from your computer to a campus printer, you will need to visit the GoPrint website (https://goprint.whitman.edu:7773/) and release your job to that computer.  Instead, you can optionally install the GoPrint desktop client, which provides an interface to the GoPrint web site. To do so, complete the following:

1) Log in to GoPrint at https://goprint.whitman.edu:7773/.
2) Locate the For Your Desktop box in the bottom right-hand corner.
3) Download and run the Mac OS X installer.

How to add printers on Windows 7

1) Click on the Start button in the toolbar
2) In the search field at the bottom enter \\goprint.whitman.edu
3) Find the printer you would like to install from the resulting list.

4) Right Click on that printer and select Connect.  If a message pops up warning you that the printer will install a driver on your computer, select Install Driver (Note: If you recieve an error message at this point, see below)

5) Give permission to continue.  You are now connected to the printer. Anytime on campus where you are connected to the Whitman Wireless Network, you can now print to the installed printer by selecting  File ->  Print  and choosing the printer from the list provided.  You may also set the printer to be your default printer by going to  Control Panel ->  Printer, then  right clicking on that printer and selecting  Set as Default Printer. Then whenever you print using a print button or icon, the information will automatically print to that printer.

Troubleshooting and Direct Connection Method

If you receive a driver error message:  If you are using Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit) and are receiving an error message while Windows searches for the printer driver, install the printer using our Direct-Connection Method below.  If you are using 64-bit Windows Vista or are receiving an error message while Windows searches for the printer driver, you will need to manually download the printer driver from HP's website.  Download the driver for the printer model you're connecting to, and extract it to an easily found location (i.e. the desktop). The printer model number is typically noted on one of the printer's front panels.  Try connecting to the printer again using the standard connection method noted above.  Click OK on the first error message and when you get to the "search for driver" dialog box. Click Browse and then navigate to the folder you extracted the driver to. Select the .inf file and click OK. It should find and install the driver and connect normally from here. If the standard connection method doesn't work, and manually installing the proper driver doesn't help matters, the next step would be to try the alternative, direct-connection method.

Direct-Connection Method

If the previous methods don't work (especially if you are on a 64-bit version of Windows), this is an alternative way of connecting to a GoPrint printer. Note that you must already have the proper printer driver downloaded and installed for this method to work (hp.com- support and drivers).Before you begin, find the name and model of the printer you would like to install by logging into GoPrint and finding the printer in the Printer Directory tab (which located in the top menu bar of GoPrint).

1) Select the Windows Start button and choose Devices and Printers
2) Choose Add a Printer (top of window)
3) Select Add a local printer
4) Select Create a new port and Choose Local Port from drop down menu
5) Choose Next
6) For the port name, enter the following with " Name_of_printer " replaced by the printer you are adding:     \\goprint.whitman.edu\ Name_of_printer
7) Find the Manufacturer and Printer Model and choose the PCL 6 version of the driver.  If you do not see your printer model, select Windows Update to download an updated set of drivers from Microsoft.  You can also find and download the drivers you need from HP's website. In this case, once the drivers are downloaded and extracted, chooe Have Disk to point the wizard at said drivers.
8) Type your printer name and choose Next
Wait until Windows finishes installing your printer.

Windows 8

 Go to the control panel and select view devices and printers

2) Click on add a printer and a list of printers should come up press stop and this screen should pop up

3) Click on
 create a new port and select local port

 under port name enter \\goprint.whitman.edu\(insert name here)

 On the next screen select the model of the printer that you are trying to add.

 Select the option "Use the driver that is currently installed"

 The printer should appear on this screen and be ready to print from your computer.